Solar Power Coffs Harbour and Mid North Coast

A brighter way, to live a smarter place to buy!

Bellingen Solar Depot, providing professional Grid Connected and Off Grid Solar solutions for the greater Coffs Harbour region for over 20 years. Our expert team can design and install a quality Grid-Connect Solar system to reduce your power bills and lessen your reliance on fossil fuels.

Bellingen Solar Depot employs clean energy council accredited grid connect solar and off grid solar technicians. We do not subcontract our installations.

The process….

Meet, Understand, Advise

The only way to find out exactly what solar power system is right for your specific needs and location is to have a GENUINE expert in renewable energy visit you and your site.
And when that solar consultant comes from Bellingen Solar, you can be sure he or she will consider each and every influencing factor before providing you with their recommendation, including:

  • Local annual sun paths and any immovable sources of shade.
  • Your current and future power usage
  • Budget
  • Warranty and product Information
  • The aspect and construction of your roofing.
  • Your existing electrical set-up and/or plumbing.

Following the inspection our consultant will advise and quote the most suitable type, size, location and form of installation for your system – whether it be Solar Hot Water, Grid-Connect, Stand-Alone or Solar Farm.